Chapter One: Obligation

By using the NUR ranking master sheet, you agree with the following:
  1. Do not try to edit and title, header, or drop down list in the spreadsheet.
  2. Do not change the cell/text format and color of the spreadsheet.
  3. You should comply with guidelines and notes give to complete the cells of the spreadsheet.
  4. The University focal point with the NUR account is the responsible one for the data entry and it quality.
  5. The University must be ready to submit any requested evidence or proof letter of the submitted data within no more one working day in case of the request by the NUR Admin.

Chapter Two: NUR Data Completion Mechanism

National University Ranking (NUR) scoring is based on the data submitted by the University (Public and Private). The data is submitted by completing two spreadsheets:
  1. e-Master sheet
  2. e-Smart Ranking sheet
  • The submitted data should belong to activities taken place between September 1st till August 31 of the next year.
  • The deadline for the data submission is 31 August of every year.

Chapter Three: e-Master sheet
  1. The data entry should be in the English language.
  2. The data entry is for the teaching academic staff.
  3. The total academic staff members include the teaching staff, Ph.D. part-time staff, paid-leave staff, and visiting lecturers.
  4. The teaching academic staff include the visiting lecturers.
  5. The teaching academic staff names should be hyperlinked with the academic profile.
  6. For the visiting lecturer, the name should be hyperlinked with the academic profile of the mother University.
  7. The email of the academic staff should be the institutional email, any commercial e-mail is not accepted for any reason.
  8. The QA activities include Student Feedback (1-5); Teacher Portfolio PF (1-5); Continuous Academic Development CAD (1-infinity).
  9. The President, Vice President, and Deans are not obligated to get PF and CAD scores.
  10. The President, Vice President, and Deans are obligated to have SF score if they are teaching.
  11. The visiting teaching staff is requested to have SF only, in the hosting University, and SF, PF, and CAD in the mother university.
  12. The academic staff without academic title should be included e-Master sheet, but they are not under the umbrella of the QA.
  13. The academic staff without academic title should have a SF score, only, if they are teaching.
  14. The Ph.D. students abroad are not under the umbrella of the QA.
  15. The Ph.D. students inside the country (part time) are under the umbrella of the QA, but their CAD score should by multiplied by 2.
  16. The academic staff with 1 or 2 years unpaid leave are not considered as a staff member (Milak).
  17. The academic staff with 1 or 2 years unpaid leave who are teaching in another University, they will be considered as Milak of the University.

Chapter Four: e-Smart Ranking sheet
  1. Sub-sheet 1.4: only the recognized awarding scientific bodies are considered. Any appreciating certificate, conference award, etc are not under this section topic.
  2. Sub-sheet 1.5: the training course duration should be at least 3 weeks and no less than 24 hrs. Pedagogy is excluded. electronic certificate (News) link is required.
  3. Sub-sheet 1.6: this section is about the international professional associations on SENIOR management level, only. A proof is required.
  4. Sub-sheet 2.1-2: this section is about the Scientific Journals published by the University. NUR published a list of approved journals in Kurdistan region.
  5. Sub-sheet 2.3-4: this section is about the journal publications in two categories; Publications listed by Thomson Reuters with IF and Publications listed by SCOPUS. The author should be a staff member of the mother University or the hosting University and his/her name is listed in the e-Master sheet. A published paper by an author with more than two affiliations is not accepted. The journal IF or SCOPUS listing are indicated via the links available in the rubric "Documents". It does not matter whether the author is the main author or the last coauthor. If the publication of a journal indexed by ESCI, then it will be considered as aThomson Reuters indexing with IF=0.0. Such a publication will be considered in Section 2.4, but not for Section 2.5.
  6. Sub-sheet 2.5: this section is about the journal publications without indexing. The publication should have a metadata connected to a valid DOI. Any publication in a journal inside Kurdistan region that not approved by the NUR will not be considered. Note: the conference publications are not considered by NUR. Any journal published outside Kurdistan claims it is an Open Access Journal then it should be a member of DOAJ.org, otherwise, it will not be considered.
  7. Sub-sheet 2.6: this section is about the patent that registered internationally and recognized by the search engine available in the rubric "Documents".
  8. Sub-sheet 2.7: this section is about the University Google Citation Number. The Number of Citation is calculated via the University Google Scholar Page directly, not via Webometrics report. But the Webometrics methodology is adopted. The Citation member should be a staff member, retired with no any other University affiliation or a Visiting Lecturer. The citation will be calculated in August. Any Google Scholar page with two affiliations will be omitted. Any Google Scholar page contains one unrelated publication, will be omitted.
  9. ... to be completed.

Last update: May 2016.