NUR Black List

Predatory publishing, sometimes called write-only publishing or deceptive publishing, is an exploitative academic publishing business model that involves charging publication fees to authors without checking articles for quality and legitimacy and without providing the other editorial and publishing services that legitimate academic journals provide, whether open access or not.

Predatory journals accept papers (and collect publication fees) regardless of quality, and whether it is an open access or closed access.
There is no concert list for the predatory journal and NUR is updating the predatory journals list whenever there is an update.

In addition to the Predatory and Hijacked journals lists, NUR is listing any journal or publisher that giving fake information or publishing non peer-reviewed research articles. The objective is to do not let the academics and researchers in the Kurdistan Region Universities publishing in these listed journals/publishers that waste there scientific works and affect the University scientific reputation.

Eduindex Publisher (Click here), includes the following journals, where most of them are SCOPUS indexed-journals:
  1. Restaurant Business (click here)
  2. GIS Business (click here)
  3. IJSS
  4. EJBSS
  5. JSMaP
  6. JIR
  7. AKSAR

  1. Fake publisher address.
  2. Non peer-reviewed publications.
  3. No authors' affiliation in the metadata.
  4. Conflict in metadata.
  5. Asking authors for fee in spite of no archiving policy.

International Digital Organization for Scientific Information (IDOSI) Journals:
  1. Academic Journal of Animal Diseases
  2. Academic Journal of Cancer Research
  3. Academic Journal of Entomology
  4. Academic Journal of Nutrition
  5. Academic Journal of Oral and Dental Medicine
  6. Academic Journal of Plant Sciences
  7. Acta Parasitologica Globalis
  8. Acta Science, Technology and Management
  9. Advances in Biological Research
  10. African Journal of Basic & Applied Sciences
  11. Agricultural Economics & Marketing Journal
  12. Agricultural Engineering Research Journal  
  13. American-Eurasian Journal of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences  
  14. American-Eurasian Journal of Agronomy  
  15. American-Eurasian Journal of Scientific Research  
  16. American-Eurasian Journal of Toxicological Sciences 
  17. Applied Journal of Hygiene  
  18. Asian Journal of Business Management Studies  
  19. Botany Research International  
  20. Formerly known as American-Eurasian Journal of Botany  
  21. British Journal of Poultry Sciences  
  22. Computational and Applied Mathematical Sciences  
  23. European Journal of Applied Sciences  
  24. European Journal of Biological Sciences  
  25. Global Journal of Biotechnology & Biochemistry  
  26. Global Journal of Environmental Research 
  27. Global Journal of Molecular Sciences  
  28. Global Journal of Pharmacology  
  29. Global Veterinaria   {Global IF =0.677}  
  30. Humanity and Social Sciences Journal  
  31. International Journal of Basic and Applied Virology  
  32. International Journal of Clinical Pathology  
  33. International Journal of Economic Theory and Policy
  34. International Journal of Genetics  
  35. International Journal of Microbiological Research  
  36. International Journal of Nuts and Related Sciences  
  37. International Journal of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences  
  38. International Journal of Physics  
  39. International Journal of Planetary & Space Research  
  40. International Journal of Sustainable Agriculture  
  41. International Journal of Water Resources & Environmental Sciences  
  42. Journal of Approximate Reasoning  
  43. Journal of Forestry and Environment  
  44. Journal of Horticultural Science & Ornamental Plants  
  45. Journal of Oceanography and Marine Environmental System  
  46. Journal of Reproduction and Infertility  
  47. Journal of Theoretical & Applied Statistics  
  48. Libyan Agriculture Research Center Journal International 
  49. Middle-East Journal of Applied Sciences  
  50. Middle-East Journal of Medicinal Plants Research  
  51. Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research  
  52. Omar El-Mukhtar Journal of Biological Sciences  
  53. Research Journal of Earth Sciences  
  54. Studies in Nonlinear Sciences  
  55. World Applied Sciences Journal  
  56. World Engineering & Applied Sciences Journal  
  57. World Information Technology Journal  
  58. World Journal of Agricultural Sciences  
  59. World Journal of Alternative Medicine  
  60. World Journal of Chemistry  
  61. World Journal of Computer Sciences  
  62. World Journal of Dairy & Food Sciences  
  63. World Journal of Environmental Pollution  
  64. World Journal of Fish and Marine Sciences  
  65. World Journal of Fungal and Plant Biology  
  66. World Journal of Islamic History and Civilization  
  67. World Journal of Management and Behavioral Studies  
  68. World Journal of Medical Sciences  
  69. World Journal of Nano Science & Technology  
  70. World Journal of Natural Products Research  
  71. World Journal of Nursing Sciences  
  72. World Journal of Scientific Research  
  73. World Journal of Sport Sciences  
  74. World Journal of Zoology

Seventh Sense Research Group

  1. SSRG International Journal of Computer Science and Engineering ( SSRG - IJCSE )
  2. SSRG International Journal of Electronics and Communication Engineering ( SSRG - IJECE )
  3. SSRG International Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering ( SSRG - IJEEE )
  4. SSRG International Journal of Civil Engineering ( SSRG - IJCE )
  5. SSRG International Journal of Mechanical Engineering ( SSRG - IJME )
  6. SSRG International Journal of Agriculture & Environmental Science ( SSRG - IJAES )
  7. SSRG International Journal of Medical Science ( SSRG - IJMS )
  8. SSRG International Journal of Economics and Management Studies ( SSRG - IJEMS )
  9. SSRG International Journal of Applied Physics ( SSRG - IJAP )
  10. SSRG International Journal of Humanities and Social Science ( SSRG - IJHSS )
  11. SSRG International Journal of Applied Chemistry ( SSRG - IJAC )
  12. SSRG International Journal of Geoinformatics and Geological Science ( SSRG - IJGGS )
  13. International Journal of Computer Organization Trends ( IJCOT )
  14. International Journal of P2P Network Trends and Technology ( IJPTT )
  15. International Journal of Biotech Trends and Technology ( IJBTT )
  16. International Journal of Computer Trends and Technology ( IJCTT )
  17. International Journal of Mathematics Trends and Technology ( IJMTT )
  18. International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology ( IJETT )
  19. SSRG International Journal of Industrial Engineering ( SSRG - IJIE )
  20. SSRG International Journal of Polymer and Textile Engineering ( SSRG - IJPTE )
  21. SSRG International Journal of Pharmacy and Biomedical Engineering (SSRG - IJPBE)
  22. SSRG International Journal of Nursing and Health Science ( SSRG - IJNHS )
  23. SSRG International Journal of VLSI & Signal Processing ( SSRG - IJVSP )
  24. SSRG International Journal of Material Science and Engineering ( SSRG - IJMSE )
  25. SSRG International Journal of Thermal Engineering ( SSRG - IJTE )
  26. SSRG International Journal of Communication and Media Science ( SSRG - IJCMS )
  27. SSRG International Journal of Mobile Computing and Application ( SSRG - IJMCA )
  28. SSRG International Journal of Chemical Engineering Research ( SSRG - IJCER )
  29. SSRG International Journal of Veterinary Science ( SSRG - IJVS )

International Journal of Scientific Engineering and Science (IJSES)

European Journal of Electrical & Computer Engineering (EJECE)