NUR Black List

In addition to the Predatory and Hijacked journals lists, NUR is listing any journal or publisher that giving fake information or publishing non peer-reviewed research articles. The objective is to do not let the academics and researchers in the Kurdistan Region Universities publishing in these listed journals/publishers that waste there scientific works and affect the University scientific reputation.

Eduindex Publisher (Click here), includes the following journals:
  1. Restaurant Business (click here)
  2. GIS Business (click here)
  3. IJSS
  4. EJBSS
  5. JSMaP
  6. JIR
  7. AKSAR

  1. Fake publisher address.
  2. Non peer-reviewed publications.
  3. No authors' affiliation in the metadata.
  4. Conflict in metadata.
  5. Asking authors for fee in spite of no archiving policy.

more fake Journals and Publishers to be added...