The aim of NUR is to provide a more impartial comparison of KRG Universities in terms of teaching, scientific activities, and infrastructure.

Selection of Universities
The universities in KRG are ranked based on two groups:
  1. Public Universities Group
  2. Private Universities Group
both Universities groups are evaluated, assessed and ranked based on the same ranking criteria, weight, and scale.

NUR Criteria/Weight
With NUR the universities in KRG are ranked according to a particular set of criteria and assigned specific weights;
  1. Academic Staff (14%)
  2. Scientific Research (35%)
  3. International Activities (5%)
  4. Student Satisfaction (4%)
  5. Quality (27%)
  6. Cultural and Community Activities (7%)
  7. Library (4%)
  8. Alumni and Private Sector Placement (4%)
The total weight is (100%).